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Asset Management



Key Capabilities

Black Kite has a proactive and dynamic Asset Management strategy which aims to capture opportunities, extract value and optimise returns for each asset.


We develop tailored asset repositioning programs for individual assets and portfolios which involves a detailed analytical approach that combines macro level research and bottom-up assessment to determine the optimal asset management strategy.

  1. Asset and Portfolio acquisition

  2. Budgeting and forecasting

  3. Asset management plans - development and implementation

  4. Regular hold/sell analysis

  5. Detailed financial reporting

  6. Customer oriented tenancy management 

  7. Asset repositioning

  8. Day to day operations

  9. Equity and debt management

  10. Asset performance reviews

  11. Operating cost management

  12. Vendor and contract management 

  13. Property marketing and leasing negotiations 

  14. Risk Management

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