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Mission and Core Values

Mission and Core Values



Black Kite's mission is to be the preferred partner for investors and operators with mandates for investments in the Logistics and Industrial sectors in the Asia Pacific Region. 

We aim to provide partners with exemplary service and unparalleled opportunities. 

Core Values 

Our business operates on the foundation of the following five Core Values to achieve our business objectives: 

Customer Focused


Our customers are at the core of our business and the focus of everything we do. Our customer centric approach is essential to developing mutually beneficial and enduring relationships with investment partners and occupiers to accommodate requirements and to develop sustainable long-term outcomes.


Quality Driven 


Quality is integral to all components of our business to ensure we create a point of difference and exceed expectations.


Creative Solutions


We recognize every business is different and we thrive on developing customized solutions to accommodate all business requirements


Long Term View 


Real estate is a long-term investment and we make decisions to provide sustainable long-term results.

High Performance

We have high performance expectations to ensure we deliver results expected by investment partners and occupiers.

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